Power Doc

If power fluctuation bothers your everyday chores, affecting you and your life, then 'Power-Doc'- gives you a sigh of relief. It welcomes you to freedom from power instability. Driven by Microprocessor Chip Technology, Power-Doc increases efficiency and acts as an insurance against power fluctuation that could damage electrical appliances & electronic devices. The functionality of Power-Doc is to Detect and Protect electrical appliances & electronic devices against high voltage, low voltage, surges, spikes and frequency variations. Power-Doc enables stabilized voltage supply to the connected electrical appliance & electronic device, increasing its longevity and minimizing the risk of damage. Power-Doc is embedded with unique advanced features like Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS), Zero Power Consumption (ZPC) and Voltage Cut-Off Display (VCD). These advanced and basic functions are controlled by a Microprocessor Chip and On-Screen Display (OSD) Technology.


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About Su-Kam

Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd. is led and managed by a group of experienced, talented and committed professionals who share in the company's ethos of innovative thinking.